Comments on Dwain Briggs

"Powerful honest and sacred, Echoes of a Modern God opens the door to empowering memories of our deepest love through rich melodies and timeless words; the feelings last long after the music ends."

Gregg Braden, Best-selling author of The Isaiah Effect and Walking between the Worlds

"There are musical technicians and true artists.  Dwain Briggs is an artist that sings from that spiritual dimension of the heart.  His singing touches something deep in you because it originates from that which is deeply spiritual in him.  In my forty years of full-time ministry, I have never seen a performer so consistently bring a sense of spiritual inspiration and sensitivity to an audience."

Dr. Paul Leon Masters, Founder of
the University Church Institute

"Words cannot express the feelings that come over me when Dwain sings.  I always describe his music as the sound of Heaven."

Karen Schieb, Founder of the Universal Lightworker's Conference

"When Dwain came to our sanctuary to set-up and rehearse, I heard one of the most beautiful voices I have ever experienced in my whole life.  I stood by the door so I could hear better and started to get teary-eyed.  His singing was like hearing an angel from Heaven.  Absolutely incredible!"

Mary O'Reilly, First Church of Religious Science, Las Vegas, NV

"There are a few musicians who embody their music and express it with every fiber of their Being.  Dwain Briggs is such a musician.  He sends his music straight to the soul, opening and lifting the energy of all who listen, hear and sense his inspiring music."

Rev. Sandhi Scott, Mastery of Life Center,
Las Cruces, NM

"Dwain's music sends out a vibration that changes a person at the heart level. Even a casual listener cannot escape this effect. You have to hear his music to know what I am saying."

Dr. Norma Milanovich, President of the
Athena Leadership Center
and author of the Light Shall Set You Free

"To be lifted up by this sensitive vocalist, writer, composer is to enter the temple of contemplative prayer. Healed, centered and renewed we can come back to our busy lives, bringing with us a sense of serenity and love that helps to heal all we touch. If you have the opportunity to purchase Dwain's recently released CD you are truly blessed. If you have the opportunity to hear him sing you are twice blessed. Don't miss him."

Rev. Amaryllis Phillips,
University Church Institute

"Dwain has an incomparably beautiful voice, reaching Heaven itself."

Michael Hoppe, International recording artist
and composer of Quiet Storms, The Yearning,
The Poet, Homeland, The Unforgetting Heart

and many more

"Dwain Briggs is not only a performer, he is a transformer."

Merrily Smith, Director, The Holistic Networker

"What can be said about this man other than, 'He has the voice of an angel.' He has a natural ability to sing for Spirit. We are truly blessed to experience what comes through his Spirit and voice."

Rev. Charles Rose, Pasadena Church
of Religious Science

"I speak of Dwain continuously to people in hopes that they will hear his music and feel the indescribable joy he stirs inside of me."

Robin Rose, Co-founder of the Universal Lightworker's Conference

"I love the entire Echoes CD. The lyrics, music and singing are so divinely inspired. I really love the lyrics on the title track. This is truly a time of transformation on the earth."

Peter, Roanoke, VA

"Dwain's voice is awesome. It filled the church with love and angels and cleansed my Spirit!"

Pat, San Diego

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